About Us



AESD is a faith based organization (FBO) founded in 1995 with the aim of addressing some of the health and development needs of Rwanda through the network of evangelical churches. In 1996, it was established as a development agency of the Evangelical Alliance of Rwanda AER in Rwanda. It is important to note that the organisation was formed in the aftermath of the 1994 devastating war and genocide.

The organisation focused primarily on supporting survivors of the genocide through integrated health services including trauma healing, HIV and AIDS prevention, care, conflict resolution, child protection ,peace building , Gender based violence , church and community transformation. To deliver its mission, the organisation set out to engage churches and community actors and slowly shifted away from emergency to development work.

our vision

AESD envisages a Rwanda where communities are taking a leading role in Health and development issues

our mission

A national faith based organisation supporting community capacities to improve the lives of the poor and other vulnerable groups. We work through churches and in partnership with others responding in health and development issues.

our shared values

We conduct ourselves at all times with honesty, trustworthiness and open communication

We involve and respect the views of stakeholders, especially rural communities in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes

Accountability and Transparency
We encourage openness, critique and take responsibility for what we do.

Christian Principles
We are driven by the Christian principles of faith, hope and love

We believe in meaningful partnership and collaboration

Role of the Church
We believe the church is central in all community development initiatives